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Thread: Must Carry Rules May Cause Copyright Problems With Thai Free TV Channels

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    Must Carry Rules May Cause Copyright Problems With Thai Free TV Channels

    The operators of free TV channels in Thailand could run into copyright-violation problems if upcoming must carry regulations are not followed cautiously.

    The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) approved the draft of a regulation guaranteeing the basic right to access all free-to-air TV content in the Kingdom on any platform, without any conditions.

    Cable TV operators would benefit from this, as they will be able to pass through or rebroadcast TV programmes from free-TV channels legally, it also might cause copyright problems for free-TV channels. And this factor will multiply along with the number of digital TV channels, expected to reach between 50 and 60 channels from only six channels now.

    The free-TV channels that could run into copyright issues as a result of the regulation include BEC's ThaiTV3, the Royal Army's TV5, BBTV's Channel 7, MCOT's Modernine TV, NBT and ThaiPBS, as each operator has imported content such as sports, movies, TV series, live broadcasts and cartoons.

    The draft of the must-carry rule will go before a public hearing at Bangkok's Century Park Hotel this afternoon.

    Under the must-carry rules, transmission frequencies for radio or television broadcasting and telecommunication are considered national resources for the public interest.

    Free-to-air TV operators must be responsible for providing public broadcasting services across the country on any platform.

    Those companies that hold media rights to such events as the quadrennial Euro soccer tournament must be aware of this regulation before striking any deals with free-TV operators.

    The must-carry rules are expected to be imposed on both existing analog terrestrial television channels and coming digital services.

    Therefore, the coming must-carry rule should be sensitive to various copyright restrictions to avoid violations.
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    Ohh So i guess Sophon TV must stop sending Pirate Movies

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