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Thread: Thai Women Overweight

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    Thai Women Overweight

    Thai women have always been worshiped for their small and petite bodies and great smile but days might be over. The change of diet and moving to a western diet create problems for the Thai ladies so much that 40% of Thai women overweight.

    News from NNT below

    Data recently collected by the Health Systems Research Institute indicates that 40% of Thai women are obese, whereas 28.4% of men are.

    The result of the research conducted over the last two years was revealed during the 4th National Nutrition Academic Conference. The figures showed that around 40% of Thai women and 28.4% of Thai men, aged 15 and over, have the problem of obesity. 45% of the females have a waistline of over 80 centimeters while 18.6% of the men have 90 centimeters or more. Half of women, aged between 40-49, are at risk of being overweight.

    MD Kraisit Tantisirin, President of the Nutrition Association of Thailand, said women naturally had more body fat compared to men, especially pregnant women whose body tended to store more fat than normal in preparation for breastfeeding. The excess nutrient will not be burnt out if these women do not breastfeed.

    The doctor also stated that the slimming coffee, which had been claimed to help lose weight, did not have nutritional property to do so. The quality of these products is over-advertised. Consumers are even subject to more risk from taking in extra caffeine, sugar, and cream in the coffee.
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    Definitely over eating increase over weight. this is the only reason.

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