Thailand's overall ranking is unchanged in the 2012 Global Real Estate Transparency Index.

The index provides investors and corporate occupiers with data and analysis critical to transacting, owning and operating in global markets, besides assisting governments and other industry organizations interested in improving transparency.

In the 2012, Thailand ranks 39th among the 97 markets covered. While this is the same as in the 2010 report, the Kingdom's real-estate market showed continued improvement in its transparency score.

The scores in the Global Real Estate Transparency Index range between one and five. Thailand's real-estate transparency score has improved to 2.94, from 3.02, 3.16 and 3.40 in 2010, 2008 and 2006, respectively.

The number of companies listed under the property development sector on the Stock Exchange of Thailand has risen from 60 in 2010 to 63 at present, while the number of property funds which trade on the SET has grown from 26 to 38.

This finding is echoed by the recent rise in direct foreign investment into Asean, especially into Indonesia and the Philippines. The rise of FDI into Asean is testament to global investors' confidence in the long-term growth potential in the region.