Most of the islands are close to each other making a breathtaking panorama sailing around the park. All the islands are of different sizes and shapes. Most of them are covered with tropical forests and named after their distinguishing geography, a kind of descriptive appellation, such as 'Sleeping Cow Island' and 'Three Pillars Island'.

Ang Thong National Marine Park is made up of 42 islands featuring lime stone massifs, tropical rainforests and deserted beaches. This fascinating group of islands, within sight of Koh Samui to the north and west, is geographically different from the other islands in the region. The Ang Thong islands rise from the sea as dramatic walls of rock soaring hundreds of metres high. Besides the many small coves and beautiful beaches, erosion has shaped some interesting formations. Particular features are Koh Mae (a beautiful beach) and Thale Nai (an emerald saltwater lake) both found on Koh Mae. There is a considerable amount of wildlife inhabiting the islands including the Asian long tailed monkey (langur), hair nosed otters, pacific reef egrets, white bellied sea eagles, ashy drongos, tortoises, sea turtles, lizards and pythons.The surrounding sea is also the major spawning ground for the short bodied mackerel, a tasty Thai delicacy. Snorkeling, kayaking, walking and swimming are the most popular attractions in the region. The best time to visit this archipelago is late March to October when visibility is at its best. Get a few friends together and join Koh Samui's leading and most experienced operator for daily excursions with sightseeing, snorkeling and kayaking to Angthong National Marine Park. Discover the natural beauty, explore the caves and tunnels by kayak and marvel the underwater world while snorkeling in the famous Ang Thong National Marine Park.