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Thread: Thailand Electric Car Project Plan

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    Thailand Electric Car Project Plan

    Sales of hybrid and electric vehicles are expected to rise to 3.1 million worldwide by 2015

    The Thai government should designate the electric car as its next champion product. Thailand is the leader in Asean automobile production and should consider developing technologies that correspond to global demand.

    'The US and Europe both support the use of Eco-friendly automobiles like hybrid and electric vehicles.

    Mitsubishi Motors Thailand: The production of electric vehicles may be a costly investment, especially for the government. It will happen sooner or later, and it's not only Mitsubishi but also other Japanese and American brands that are ready to participate.

    'The government should start with attracting lithium ion battery producers to set up plants in Thailand and supply automobile companies. For a start, a reduction in import duty for lithium ion batteries could be offered for automakers.

    Mitsubishi plans to produce the Mirage Plug-in electric vehicle in the future, although it has not decided whether to assemble it in Japan or Thailand, which is the production base for the company's Mirage Eco-car.

    Nissan Motor Thailand: one of main duties in Thailand is to see the electric car project materialist.

    Nissan is ready to move ahead in producing electric cars in Thailand if the Thai government provides clarity on various policies, such as the 80 per cent import duty as well as the excise duty. If possible, the government should offer special investment promotions due to the environmental benefits of the electric car.

    Government initiative is very important for the birth of the electric car around the world. In Japan there is a special tax and very high incentives per vehicle to help lower production costs.

    Apart from electric vehicles, there are other types of Eco-friendly vehicles that are gaining in popularity.

    According to a report from Honda , Nikkei, Motor, Japan's third-largest automaker, plans to produce the Fit Hybrid outside Japan for the first time. It stated that Honda will produce the 1.3-litre car in Thailand for both domestic and export markets.

    Last year Honda sold 86,000 Fit Hybrids in Japan. In Thailand it will be called the Jazz Hybrid.

    The plan will help Honda lower production costs and cater to the demand for Eco-friendly vehicles in Thailand.

    Toyota will start mass production of lithium ion batteries for hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles after launching its first plug-in hybrid this year with a sales target of 50,000 vehicles.

    Toyota decided to start production of the batteries in Shizuoka Prefecture in central Japan. The company will go into a joint venture with Panasonic.

    Still it plans to launch a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) in China next year. Tests are currently being carried out on Chinese roads.

    Toyota has been highly successful with its hybrid vehicles, introducing the Prius in 1997. The company has also invested almost US$700 million to build a research and development center in China especially for hybrid vehicles.

    Toyota may not presently be able to provide an official answer on how it would continue its plug-in hybrid technology drive in Thailand. But judging from what has happened in China and elsewhere around the world, the same thing will be witnessed in Thailand.

    One of the brands expected to offer an electric vehicle here is General Motors (GM), which plans to introduce the Chevrolet Volt in the near future. Thailand is one of the biggest markets and production bases for GM in this region.

    China's BYD is also interested in introducing an electric car in Thailand next year, and is currently negotiating with local partners. The first model could be shown at the Bangkok International Motor Show in March 2013.

    In order for the electric car project to hit the road soon, the government needs to move ahead right now - as it did with the Eco-car project.
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    I hope they can do something without corruption?

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    Electric cars are the future and I am sure that as big market as Thailand will get all the help it needs on that way...Guvernment just have to be wise and of course immune to other lobbies ,which is frankly almost impossible

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    not to talk about decreasing the pollution...

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    They should build a solar car. They still consuming some fuel for the electricity.

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