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    Thailand cuisine Breakfast

    Thailand cuisine doesn't have very specific breakfast dishes. Very often, a Thai breakfast can consist of the same dishes which are also eaten for lunch or dinner. Fried rice, noodle soups and steamed rice with something simple such as an omelette, fried pork or chicken, are commonly sold from street stalls as a quick take-out. The following dishes tend to be eaten only for breakfast:

    - Chok - a rice porridge very commonly eaten in Thailand for breakfast. Similar to the rice congee eaten in other parts of Asia.
    - Khao khai chiao - an omelet (khai chiao) with white rice, often eaten with a chili sauce and slices of cucumber.
    - Khao tom - a Thai style rice soup, usually with pork, chicken or shrimp.
    - Khanom chin namya - round boiled rice noodles topped with a fish based sauce and eaten with fresh leaves and vegetables.
    - Khao khluk kapi - rice stir-fried with shrimp paste, served with sweetened pork and vegetables.
    - Khao man kai - rice steamed with garlic, with boiled chicken, chicken stock and a dipping sauce.
    - Khao phat - One of the most common dishes in Thailand, fried rice, Thai style. Usually with chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, crab or coconut or pineapple, or vegetarian.
    - Khao phat kai - fried rice with chicken.
    - Khao phat naem - fried rice with fermented sausage , a typically dish from the Northeast
    - Khao soi - crispy wheat noodles in sweet chicken curry soup (a Northern dish).
    - Kuai tiao nam - rice-noodle soup can be eaten at any time of day; served with many combinations of proteins, vegetables, and spicy condiments. The word kuai tiao, although originally designating only one type of noodle, the sen yai (wide rice noodles), is used colloquially for all rice noodles in general.
    - Mi krop - deep fried rice vermicelli with a sweet and sour sauce.
    - Phat khi mao - noodles stir-fried with Thai basil.
    - Phat si-io - rice noodles (often kuai tiao) stir-fried with si-io dam (thick sweet soy sauce) and nam pla (fish sauce) and pork or chicken.
    - Phat Thai - rice noodles pan fried with fish sauce, sugar, lime juice or tamarind pulp, chopped peanuts, and egg combined with chicken, seafood, or tofu.
    - Kuai tiao rat na - wide rice noodles in gravy, with beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, or seafood.

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    Thai do not eat same thing we change all the time. We like to change many things so we not get bored with Thai food.

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    I know one thing...if western people would eat Thai breakfast every morning,they would be much more healthy and better looking...and buying it for really small amount of money from the street stalls all over the cities gives to it some dose of simple satisfaction and romance...

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