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Thread: Free Measurement of Car Exhaust Fumes and Noise Released

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    Deputy Metropolitan Police Commander Police Major General Manit Wongsomboon has launched a program offering measurement of car exhaust fumes and noise released free of charge. The launching was attended by representatives from the Department of Environment of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Pollution Control Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

    The inspection program is incepted due to the rapid increase of vehicles, vehicular traffic and air and noise pollution. Surveys show many vehicles lack inspections and proper maintenance.

    The exhaust fumes and noise checks are being offered free of charge at two spots: KM 2 on the outbound Banga-Trat Road and the area under the Ekkamai-Ramindra expressway on the inbound Ramindra Road section. Service will be offered every Saturday from 10:00 AM to noon throughout the month of June. The program has been initiated to reduce pollution in Bangkok and to make motorists aware of proper car maintenance, as well as the negative effects of pollution.

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    Why they not stop these cars they have the law to stop them.

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    this program is good but it won`t help much...and the pollution will be the problem as long as the car selling lobbies are strong...and they will be for a long time

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    They should eradicate cars if they want to decrease the pollutions.

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