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Thread: Surin Festival in Phuket Thailand

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    Surin Festival in Phuket Thailand

    Surin northeastern province has been successful in raising people’s income through the implementation of its strategy of strengthening economic competitiveness.

    Governor of Surin Nirand Kallayanamitr reveals that the strategy includes boosting productivity and improving service quality based on knowledge and fair treatment. After 7 to 8 years of implementation of the strategy, local products have won greater popularity in the market thanks to wider support from the provincial Office of Commercial Affairs and other agencies.

    Support comes in the form of marketing, in which local producers have been given an opportunity to present and sell their products at various events. They have also been able to sell their products both domestically and internationally. Training has also been arranged for them to shore up knowledge and enhance their understanding in the fields of marketing, production, and product development, in a hope that their products will better meet the needs of the market.

    Surin province is now holding a sale event of its products in the southern province of Phuket. The event, called Surin Festival: Phuket, is being held from June 8 to 10.
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    Oh i wonder if they will have Surin festival in Pattaya, i am from Surin.

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