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Thread: Thailand Top 10 Seafood Producers of The World

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    Thailand Top 10 Seafood Producers of The World

    The Thai Frozen Foods Association has revealed that Thailand is among the world’s top 10 producers of seafood.

    The Thai Frozen Foods Association said that Thailand produces 570,000 metric tons of both fresh and frozen seafood products per year, a 50% increase from ten years before. Seafood exports are currently valued at 5 billion US dollars. The biggest importers of the Thai products are the US and Japan.

    The association said most of the seafood export products are shrimps, of which Thailand is the second largest producer after China.

    The government and related business associations have been pushing for more growth in the seafood export industry; however, Thailand’s trading partners such as the European Union have complained that Thailand still lags behind in terms of enforcing labor standards and enacting corporate social responsibilities and have urged that the country should improve the issues.

    News from NNT
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    I love Thai seafood i want to eat everyday.

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    I could have shrimps any time of light for the stomach...thank you Thailand

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