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Thread: Getting married in Thailand..:)

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    Getting married in Thailand..:)

    One of my Canadian friend and his girlfriend plan to get married in Thailand in August. He (My friend) don't know about the process and what documents are needed to getting married in Thailand?

    They plan to do the engagement and then sign in August, and few months down the road to do the marriage celebration (so that people don't think that they are in rush to get married because his GF is pregnant, etc, whereas they are in rush to start the sponsorship procedure, which will take months).

    He read somewhere that he will need the In-Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad from Canada, but I guess it will be delivered in English, so do they need to get it translated in Thai?

    Also, they will be there for 10 days only; do they have to obtain marriage certificate and is there some wait period or some other procedures that take time?

    Thanks in advance !!!

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    In Thailand, a civil marriage is legally recognized once registered at a district registrar’s office. Religious or community marriage ceremonies are not sufficient. Unlike Canada, Thailand does not permit marriage for same-sex couples.

    1. Affirm/swear an affidavit of freedom to marry. Complete an English affidavit form at the Embassy.
    If you are divorced or widowed, please provide an original divorce or death certificate.
    Affidavits completed in French will have to be translated into English for Thai authorities.

    2. Have the affidavit translated into Thai.
    The notarized English affidavit must be translated into Thai by a certified translator.

    3. Have all documents certified/authenticated
    Take the notarized affidavit and Thai translation to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have the translation certified and the signature of the Canadian official authenticated.

    4. Register the marriage
    Proceed to any district office to register the marriage. If neither party speaks Thai, an interpreter will be required. The couple will be provided with two copies of the official Marriage Certificate in Thai.
    Marriages that are legally performed abroad are usually valid in Canada and do not require any additional steps or registration. Please direct further inquiries to the Vital Statistics Office of the province or territory where the couple will live.

    (Information from: Canadain Embassy in Thailand)

    I think 10 days is enough for progress.
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    Ohhh.. Many many thanks for your kind information...

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    Unlike Canada, Thailand does not permit marriage for same-sex couples... hahaha,this is funny...and yet so many lady boys all over tourist places and all over tv

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