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Thread: First Digital TV System in Thailand

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    First Digital TV System in Thailand

    The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has selected DVB-T2 as the standard for Thailand’s digital television broadcasting, expecting the system to be up and running within this year.

    As part of the “Go Digital Thailand” project, the Cabinet approved the NBTC’s proposal to use DVB-T2 as the system for digital TV broadcasting in Thailand on 20 May 2012. NBTC member Col. Natee Sukonrat said DVB-T2 was a European-based modern digital TV system with the best transmission efficiency. It is currently used in 38 countries worldwide, including countries in Europe and ASEAN.

    Col. Natee confirmed that the NBTC would make sure that the digital TV project would not affect or cause difficulties for the viewers. All existing TV channels, now broadcasted via the analog system, will be gradually transferred to the digital system, which is expected to become functional within this year with around 50 more free channels.

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    Thats really good but even better if more better programs as well.

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