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Thread: New Baby Koala at Chiang Mai Zoo

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    New Baby Koala at Chiang Mai Zoo

    The Chiang Mai Zoo has introduced a new baby koala, who has just come out of her mother’s pouch.

    The Chiang Mai Zoo has announced that the female 7-month old baby koala appeared outside of her mother’s pouch for the first time earlier this week. The breeding came naturally between a four-year-old Chiang Muan and a male koala named Fula. The baby was born in November.

    With the new addition, Chiang Mai Zoo now has 10 koalas. It is also preparing to arrange a naming competition for the baby koala.

    After leaving her mother’s pouch, the koala will not go back in again; it will start eating eucalyptus leaves and learn how to climb trees.

    The Chiang Mai Zoo has exchanged with Australia’s Taronga Zoo Thai elephants for 2 pairs of koalas in 2006. Koala is a marsupial, or an animal with a pouch in which baby koalas, called joeys, are raised.

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    So cute i want to go see it

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