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Thread: Name of a good restaurant ??

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    Name of a good restaurant ??

    Please post Any of your recommendations of the good or not so good restaurant’s you have eaten in
    Just to get started, I like to have the odd steak in Beefeater...

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    i agree.... very good steak in beffafter...

    i can also sudgest... Toscana resturant in beach road.... they have a very good place and amazing kind on meat... included the duck coming from boss farm....

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    I like Isarn Food. So I will introduce Som Tam Yok Krog in Pattaya Klang.

    They have facebook
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    I enjoyed eating at The Deck in Arun Residence. The food is quite expensive. But the view of Wat Arun temple is just spectacular. It's perfect for a romantic date.


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