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Thread: Thailand Elite Card Project

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    Thailand Elite Card Project

    The Thai tourism authority is hopeful to present the revamped Thailand Elite Card project for the Cabinet to review very soon.

    Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Deputy Governor Wilaiwan Tawitsri said on Tuesday that the TAT’s work on the operational restructuring of Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited (TPC), which is in charge of the Thailand Elite Card project, is nearing completion.

    Ms. Wilaiwan stated that the result of the revamp is expected to be ready for presentation to Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism Minister Chumpol Silapa-archa on May 29th.

    She said that, by meeting the expected deadline, Mr. Chumpol will be able to present all information for the Cabinet to consider, in hopes of receiving an 80-million-baht emergency budget for the TPC to continue its operation until the end of December 2012.

    The TAT Deputy Governor conceded that, if the to-be-proposed project receives a Cabinet approval, a new budget of 200 million baht will likely be acquired to pursue further upgrade of the company.

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    Thai Elite Card

    I think they should close this card and pay back the money.

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    The Tourism Authority of Thailand is planning a global relaunch of the Thailand Elite Card in June.

    The TAT has instructed 18 TAT offices abroad and authorized sales representatives in 12 Asian countries to start seling the cards. The Thailand Elite card project is revamped with a new marketing strategy aimed at attracting Chinese and Russian customers.

    The agency expected to attract around 300 new members from China alone, out of the projected 650 members in total.

    Under the new membership terms and conditions, cardholders will be able to sign up with an initial down payment fee of two million Baht followed by a 20,000 Baht annual fee over a 20-year validity period. Cardholders will be eligible for a five-year Multiple Entry Visa to Thailand and a one-year stay privilege per visit.

    They will also be entitled to use the Thailand Elite Personal Assistance service at Suvarnabhumi Airport and Phuket Airport.
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