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Thread: Trichomoniasis in Thailand

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    Trichomoniasis in Thailand


    Trichomoniasis, often known as "trich", is very common sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by a parasite and mostly leads to urogenital tract infection. It has higher prevalence in women than men. Perhaps the reason for this is that trichomoniasis often remains asymptomatic in men, making their cases unconfirmed or unrecorded.


    Trichomoniasis is caused y a protozoan parasite Trichomonas Vaginalis. The parasite is passed through sexual intercourse. The average size of the parasite is 15mm and its reproduction occurs every 8-12 hours. It is unclear why women are more infected than men. Both men and women are susceptible to the disease. While signs and symptoms in women persist unless treated, there is a suspicion that some infected men may naturally expel the parasite within 14 days.

    Signs and symptoms

    It is characteristically observed that only women can experience symptoms associated with trichomoniasis. Some of the symptoms include vaginal discharge, vaginal itching. Inflammation of the cervix, urethra and vagina may also produce an itching and burning sensation. The vaginal discharge is usually yellow green, frothy and foul-smelling. In some cases, there is pain an urination and at the lower abdomen. For men, the parasite can become dormant for years. And since there is seldom any symptom, it can remain undetected. There are limited cases wherein men experience symptoms such as urethral discharge, a slight burning sensation after urination or ejaculation and pain and swelling of the scrotum.


    To diagnose trichomoniasis, a specimen should be collected from the vagina during a pelvic examination. The sample will be sent to the laboratory and observed through a microscope. The parasites are pear-shaped and have several whip-like tails at one end. The pelvic examination may also reveal some lesions and ulcerations. Trichomoniasis cannot be detected through urine analysis.


    Once a sexual partner is diagnosed to have trichomoniasis, both should undergo treatment. The standard treatment for trichomoniasis is metronidazole.

    Metronidazole – A single dose of 2 grams for 2 days or 0.6 to 1 gram per day, three doses for 7 days. If symptoms persist, repeat medication after 4 to 6 week interval

    Tenonitrozole – Take 250 mg twice a day for 4 days.

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