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    Syphilis Thailand

    Syphilis in Thailand


    Syphilis is caused by microscopic bacterial organism called a spirochete bacterium. It is a wormlike, spiral-shaped organism that wiggles vigorously when viewed under a microscope. Upon transmission, it burrows into the moist, mucous-covered lining of the mouth of genitals. It produces a painless ulcer known as chancre

    Signs and Symptoms

    The signs and symptoms of syphilis infection can be divided into four stages, including a latent phase.
    Primary syphilis presents a single painless non-itchy sore or chancre that appears in the genital area. It is acquired after exposure to the sores of an infected person. After transmission, it takes approximately 10 days to 16 weeks before the chancre occurs. Sometimes, there are also multiple lesions that develop. These lesions are highly contagious. They can appear for a month, then somewhat disappears without treatment. However, it can recur months later as secondary syphilis if not treated properly
    Secondary syphilis occurs anytime from 4 to 10 weeks after primary infection. The lesions and chancre spots will reappear which includes symmetrical reddish-pink non-itchy rashes on trunk and extremities, including the hands and feet. It can develop into wart-like lesions. These lesions are infectious and can harbor bacteria. Other symptoms may include sore throat, fever, hair loss, body malaise and headache.
    After secondary syphilis, some may continue to carry the infection without symptoms. This is called the latent phase. It can last for months to years.
    Tertiary syphilis can occur between 3 to 15 years after secondary infection. There can be relapses from the second stage symptoms but the widespread infection can become apparent. The infection can affect the internal organs, including the heart and brain and the nervous system. Insanity is one of the known symptoms of tertiary infection. If left untreated, it can eventually lead to disabilities, and even death.
    The third or last phase has no symptoms, but syphilis is reaching the stage where it is ravaging the body. There may be relapses of the second stage symptoms, but what will start to become apparent is the widespread infection. Syphilis infects the internal organs, bones, the heart, the brain and the nervous system. One of its better known symptoms is insanity. Untreated syphilis may eventually lead to permanent disabilities and death.


    Syphilis is difficult to diagnose on the early stages of the infection. Diagnosis is often made upon the appearance of the chancre. A blood test can also be done for confirmation. After antibiotic treatment, a patient will undergo follow-up tests in a span of at least 6 months before being considered as free from infection.


    The treatment for syphilis depends upon the stage of the disease and the clinical manifestations.
    For early manifestations, a single dose of intramuscular penicillin G or a single dose of oral azithromycin is recommended. If a person is allergic to penicillin, ceftriaxone single IM dose of 250 mg may be used or penicillin desensitization attempted. Other alternative treatments include:
    Doxycycline 200 to 400 mg/day in divided doses orally for 10-15 days
    Tetracycline 200 to 400 mg/day in divided doses orally for 10-15 days
    The treatment of neurosyphilis requires the intravenous administration of penicillin

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    Syphilis is a quite dangerous disease in its last stages caused by bacterial organisms. Its STD that is why required special safety measures to be taken in order to avoid these diseases. People need to be very careful in their relations. This is only way we could be safe.

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    Sexually Transmitted diseases such as Syphilis have great impact in all dimensions of a person's life. It can negatively influence a person's entire life and his family. Society oftentimes associate this disease with promiscuity or socially unacceptable behaviors. This makes most persons afflicted with such kind of disease hesitant to seek immediate treatment. And most often, the disease is already in its advance stage when the individual finally decided to consult health workers.
    Sphyphilis are also called as "bad blood", "lues", "pox" and "syph".The causative organism is the spirochete Treponema Pailidum. Sexual Transmission of T pallidium occur only when thee mocus lesions of primary and secondary syphilis are present.Adolescents, young adults and men who have sex with men are at greatest sick.It is also a known confactor for development of HIV.Pallidium enters the body through direct sexual contact. It can also be transplacentally passed from a pregnant mother to a fetus when the woman is not treated. Syphilis can cause Blindness,mental illness , paralysis , heart attack and even worse, death. But best way to combat Syphilis is to live a clean and godly life.


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