Restaurant’s name: Hainanese chicken rice

Signature Manu :Hainanese chicken rice
Impresstion: They made Hainanese chicken rice only, which is the best tasty Hainanese chicken rice of Chiang rai, Open at 7:00 am. – Afternoon. You must visited before 1:30 pm., because of it’s would be emply. Another way, Every part of Hainanese chicken rice are delicious, tasty rice , chicken is a bit sweety from inside that not the same of general Hainanese chicken rice sold in Bangkok. Serve with tasty soure, that you can added more ingredients and mixing by yourself. The soup is real Chicken soup, Serve with tea.
Location: Opposite Krung Thong Hotel, Maung, Chiang
Recommend by: Mr. Wanchai Worngtainchai