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Thread: Cheapest Flights in Thailand 25 March 2012

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    Cheapest Flights in Thailand 25 March 2012

    This is the post for 25 March next post will come on 10 April with the best flight price to and from Thailand. If you have found any better prices, please post in the forum. You can share the PDF as long you use as the source. travel Thailand 25 March 2012.pdf
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    I am interested in discount travel to Thailand and appreciate the suggested sites. I have also found some good online deals but am wondering if anyone recommends a certain airline over another for this flight from the US??

    It will be my first trip and I am not the most comfortable on planes to begin with so sometimes the quality of plane and flight staff can make a big difference.

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    If you want to fly direct Thai air always best but i think Singapore air is better.

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