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Pee Baa Jub Jub
8th July 2010, 17:48
The row between the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the Ministry of Interior over the smart ID cards is expected come to an end when the issue is raised in the cabinet meeting.

After manning the phones in the "6 Days 63 Million Ideas" program, ICT Minister Chuti Krairiksh said Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva had already had his mind set on issuing smart ID cards to the people as soon as possible.

Mr Chuti noted that the Office of the Council of State on Monday had already asked officials from the two ministries to come in to give information related to the issue, so it could come up with the right advice for the Premier.

The minister expected that both ministries would be able to thrash out their differences over the smart cards issue in the cabinet meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

The Ministry of Interior last month refused to accept 600,000 smart ID cards delivered by the ICT Ministry because the cards failed to meet the ministry’s requirements.

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