View Full Version : Prevent Fire At Refugee Camp In Tak Thailand

Kanok Karn
27th February 2012, 13:29
Tak Governor has ordered strict measures to prevent fires at three refugee camps in the province, namely Ban Nupo in Umphang District, Ban Mae La in Tasongyang District, and Ban Um Piem in Pobpra District following a blaze at Ban Um Piem on 22 February, 2012.

More than 500 refugees at Ban Um Piem have been making repairs to their homes damaged by the blaze so they can return to live there again.

They had voluntarily dismantled their houses to control the blaze which could have spread among the closely-built homes and left all 15,200 refugees without a place to live.

Those whose homes were totally gutted have moved in with their relatives or are living in tents provided by authorities as temporary shelters.

Tak Governor met with representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and local non-governmental organizations to discuss help for refugees whose homes were destroyed and find measures to prevent fires from occurring again.