View Full Version : Thailand Tight Security At Airports

Kanok Karn
17th February 2012, 08:02
National Police Chief Police General Prewpan Dhamapong has ordered tight security at international airports across Thailand following Israel’s advice to prevent another bomb attacks.

The Police Commissioner General revealed that one of the bomb suspects, Mr. Mohammad Hazaei, showed sign of distress during the interrogation and wouldn’t eat any food. However, when his Thai female acquaintance, whom he met in Pattaya, was brought to Bangkok by the police to greet him, the suspect’s mood improved and he began to eat.

However, according to Police General Prewpan, whether the suspect will be transferred to the Khlong Ton Police Station for further interrogations depends on the readiness of the Metropolitan Police Bureau. Moreover, the warning of another sabotage from Israel has prompted the Thai police to beef up security at international airports.

Meanwhile, the extradition of another suspect from Malaysia, Mr. Sedaghatzadeh Masoud, who fled Thailand on the day the bombing took place, is still in the process. The Police Chief said that by Malaysian law, a foreign criminal must be detained for 14 days before being extradited. He said that once receiving a signal from Malaysia, a Thai police team will be sent to fetch Mr. Masoud back for further legal proceeding in Thailand.

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