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15th February 2012, 00:28
Hi there

Just starting the process of applying for visa for thailand, so just checking out some info. Some information peeps are posting is really helpful, so just registered to keep looking at info, I'm sure will have plenty of questions to ask soon enough, hope all goes well. Anyone else in early stages of applying?

Pee Baa Jub Jub
15th February 2012, 14:33
What kind of visa are you applying for? Sounds like you difficult coming to Thailand?

Flip Freya
24th April 2012, 13:37
As far as I know, visa is a not requirement in going Thailand not unless your stay there is longer than 2 weeks or 15days. You need to apply for a visa if you plan to stay there longer than 15 days. All you need to have is somewhat a "guarantor" who is capable of handling your stay there. You will need to attach in your visa application the passport of your "guarantor", the work permit and you need to have at least Php38,000 in your bank account.