View Full Version : Dtac's Network Faced Problems in Thailand

Kanok Karn
6th February 2012, 14:38
A source at the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission citing a report from the mobile phone number portability service provider Clearinghouse Co, DTAC suffered a net loss in customers last month when about 10,000 left its network and about 5,000 joined it.

The exodus from DTAC in January was high compared to other months.

DTAC's network broke down 3 times in the past 2 months on 21 December, 5 January and 8 January.

Some 30,000 TrueMove customers jumped to another network last month, while the company gained about 400, the source said.

Most of these customers probably left to sign up with the 3G service of CAT Telecom and Real Move.

Advanced Info Service acquired about 15,000 customers while giving up just a few to other networks.

The service allows subscribers to switch networks and continue using the same mobile phone number.