View Full Version : Warns Distribution Of Foul Language From Popular App

Kanok Karn
6th February 2012, 07:08
The ICT Ministry is warning users of smartphone not to distribute foul language from a popular conversation program, to avoid criminal charges.

Group Captain Anudith Nakornthap, Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), said on Saturday that smartphone users who have downloaded the Simsimi artificial intelligence conversation program must now be careful about forwarding rude words from this popular application to other uses.

The ICT Minister stressed that if the police receive a formal complaint about the use of foul languages, the people, who originated the distribution of such rude dialogues, will be at risk of facing criminal charges.

Earlier, the Ministry of Culture has come out to express worries about the popular use of Simsimi, which is said to be created by a South Korean developer for the purpose of language learning. However, it said that many app users in Thailand had gone too far.

Group Captain Anudith added that there have been more and more outcries about the unpleasant experience from Simsimi, while asking those who have been affected by this smartphone application to report to the police of the ICT call center.

According to the ICT Minister, those who are found using any computer program to verbally attack or cause damages to others could be violating the 2007 Computer Crime Act, which may result in imprisonment or fine, or both.

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