View Full Version : VIP Security Training At Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Thailand

Kanok Karn
17th January 2012, 14:40
Security officers at Suvarnabhumi Airport have undergone high level security training where they learnt the important aspects of their mission to protect VIP individuals and guests at the international airport.

The Airports of Thailand (AoT) said the operation follows the international standards of practice which provide effective security for VIP people around the world.

Among the passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport are royal family members, foreign leaders and other important individuals. AoT Director Somchai Sawadipol said it is essential that the security level at the airport is on par with the global standards.

Mr. Somchai revealed that the AoT had decided to hold the training program to increase skills and knowledge for its security officers. 72 trainees underwent mock attacks where they were caught off guards by terrorists who attempted to cause harm to the airportís VIP guests. Their responsibility was to apply what they had learnt in theory and execute it to the best of their ability to save the lives of those who were under their protection.

The mock assassination attempts, which were carried out during the training, varied from the use of small weaponry to bomb and ambush attacks. The trainees performed and reacted to the situation effectively.

The AoT Director is confident that Suvarnbhumi Airport has effective security measures in place, confirming that the authorities have always coordinated with related agencies in keeping Thailandís main aviation port safe.

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