View Full Version : High Speed Railway Mega Projects in North of Thailand

Kanok Karn
16th January 2012, 09:00
The cabinet has approved a budget of almost 400 billion baht for projects to develop mass transport systems in the North of Thailand.

Deputy Prime Minister Kittirat Na Ranong announced the cabinetís resolution to invest a budget of almost 400 billion baht on 128 projects aimed at boosting public infrastructure of the country's northern region. These projects include a high speed railway linking Bangkok and Chiang Mai, public transport systems as well as flood prevention plans. Mr. Kittirat stated that the Screening Committee and the Strategic Committee for Reconstruction and Future Development will be in charge of appropriating the budget for each relevant agency since long-term investments for the whole country will use up to 2 trillion baht.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has asked the Ministry of Finance to finalize the state budget appropriation for the 2013 fiscal year within the end of this month so that government units will be able to draw up matching spending proposals. All state agencies are urged to consider that a deficit budget policy will still be implemented in 2013 and their proposed spending should be in accordance with the government's flood prevention and other long-term construction plans.

Additionally, government spokesperson Thitima Chaisaeng stated that the cabinet also agreed on short-term investment plans to prevent flooding in the North, which include constructing check dams and floodgates, as well as improving river banks.

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