View Full Version : Thailand Airports Reported in Final Quarter Last Year

Kanok Karn
12th January 2012, 13:52
Airports of Thailand has reported a rise in international passengers to 41,605,432 for 2011, despite a near -5% decline in the last quarter of the year.

The final quarter saw 9,721,665 international passengers passing through Thailand’s airports – a -4.94% dip from the corresponding period in 2010. The months of November and December saw decreases of -16.87% and -3.86% respectively.

The figures cover AoT’s entire national airport network, which is made up of Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang in Bangkok, as well as Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Chiang Rai.

Flagship gateway Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport recorded a +11.09% rise in international passengers to 36,596,506 for the entire 2011. This was in spite of the -8.64% decline in the fourth quarter, with November and December registering decreases of -22.51% and -8.64% respectively.

The full year performance is commendable in light of what has been described as Thailand’s worst monsoon floods in decades began in July 2011.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has projected losses of 387 million $ from international tourism and 438 million $ from domestic tourism due to the floods.