View Full Version : Flooding Southern Thailand Halted Train Service

Kanok Karn
4th January 2012, 12:18
This includes about 10 routes, including both local services and the route to Bangkok.

Southern train services stop at Tungsong station where buses are used to transport passengers to the Nakhon Si Thammarat rail station.

The State Railway of Thailand will allow full refunds for tickets and has already refunded approximately 10 % of tickets that were sold in advance.

In the meantime, Tasala Hospital in Tasala District of Nakhon Si Thammarat has evacuated some 50 patients to other hospitals since late Monday night due to flooding.

The hospital was hit by heavy flooding in March and April last year.

Some in patients were discharged to continue their recuperation at home, while about 50 others were moved to Maharaj Hospital.

The hospital was able to move its equipment and machinery to higher ground in time, and is now using water pumps to pump the floodwater out.