View Full Version : Is your Thai ipone real or copy?

Pee Baa Jub Jub
23rd December 2011, 13:00
If you bought an iphone or any new phone in Tukcom Pattaya you might want to check the phone one more time. The Pattaya Police was on high alert this week arresting 16 suspects and over 610 phones.

At the crime scene the police found 100 mobile phone shops and many of them selling copied mobile phones and other IT equipment all counterfeit. The police arrested the owners from two shops and sixteen employees. They also seized 610 knock-off mobile phones worth more than 1.6 million THB. The most popular fake brands were: Apple iphone 4, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry etc. All looking genuine. Most of them were produced in China and they were all much cheaper than the genuine mobile phones sold by authorized dealers. Prizes starting from 1,000-3,000 THB.

Full Story http://www.pattayadailynews.com/en/2011/12/23/pattaya-cops%C2%A0catch-fake%C2%A0-iphone-sellers-%C2%A0value-1-6-mil%C2%A0thb/

Joy Thaigirl
26th December 2011, 21:55
Never bought from these shops only by from True or AIS shops.