View Full Version : Thailand Gov can and will read your SMS and Chat

Pee Baa Jub Jub
19th December 2011, 19:37
In a article from The Nation you can read about the new system that the current Thai government invested in. With that system a Bt400-million lawful interception (LI) system, now the government has the licence to prey on all forms of voice communications, e-mails, SMS massages and chat rooms. In nutshell, nothing is out of reach for interception orders. Be very carfule what you say since even in a chat with MSN, Facebook or SMS the government can read and track down where you are and what the original come from. Basiclly anything you put online can be traced back to your computer and they will have access to emails and Facebook messages.

Every single day, the government is spending almost Bt1.5 million to block undesirable websites and close down web content could the money be better spend?:confused:


Joy Thaigirl
20th December 2011, 20:51
This is really scare no government should be allowed to do this without a cause.

Janice Valencia Capulso
4th April 2012, 10:07
wow so everything are transparent now. No more privacy! I think this is to track criminal activities.