View Full Version : The Question From Thai police to Transport Ministry Secretary

Kanok Karn
28th November 2011, 06:13
The November 11 break-in, in which the suspects reportedly got away with some 200 million baht in cash, resulted in the arrest of nine suspects and the seizure of some 18 million baht cash. Three suspects remain at large: alleged gang leader Weerasak Chualee, Pongsak Namwong and Kamnuan Meknoi. Bangkok's Metropolitan Police Bureau commander Winai Thongsong said local police had contacted their Laotian counterparts to help locate Weerasak is reportedly hiding in that country.

Winai dismissed news reports that Weerasak had contacted police to arrange a surrender. The officer said he had sent police to check Weerasak's home in Kanchanaburi upon learning that the suspect had stopped there, but they found no cash.

After an initial delay to allow police to determine how much money had been seized from the suspects, Winai said Suphoth would be summoned next week and asked to supply additional information including the precise amount of money stolen as the amount police seized from suspects did not match the amount Suphoth initially told police he had lost.

Winai said Metropolitan Police Colonel Banleusak Khlib-ngern had applied for a court order to search nine locations in which suspect Prapan Ruangkrua, who earlier turned himself in, might have hidden stolen cash. Seven locations were in Pathum Thani, one was in Nakhon Nayok and one was Prapan's former workplace at Suvarnabhumi Airport.