View Full Version : Don Mueang Airport Reopen in January

Kanok Karn
26th November 2011, 10:29
A budget of 490 million baht approved by the Cabinet will be used for restore the eastern runway of Don Mueang Airport, expected to reopen at the end of January for military aircraft.

AoT said the 1 billion baht restoration of the airport would be carried out in a 2 phase plan.

The first phase, restoring the runway, includes several processes including cleaning, fixing runway and electricity system and pre-opening inspection.

Rehabilitation work will start on the eastern runway while the western runway and AoT headquarters will be restored with a budget of B445 million baht later. The Department of Civil Aviation Operations will certify safety standard before it reopens.

In the second phase, the terminal and cargo buildings will be restored.

Flying Officer Anirut said the airport will be fully operational after the floodwater is completely gone.

Currently, airport officials and workers are draining 300,000 cubic metres of water per day out of the airport to surrounding canals.

He said that if the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and government agencies related to water management could drain more water in the north of the capital to canals, AoT may consider pumping water out of the water-clogged areas in order to reopen the airport earlier.

The company cannot pump floodwater out of the airport now for fear of adding to nearby residents' suffering.

In addition, FO Anirut said additional measures against possible flooding in the future may be taken by applying measures used at Suvarnabhumi Airport to speed up restoring passenger confidence.

Because Suvarnabhumi Airport has an efficient flood-prevention system, he said, it is definitely spared the current flooding.

The number of passengers has dropped almost 9 % due to the flood crisis.