View Full Version : Transport Bangkok to Phuket Return to Normal

Kanok Karn
25th November 2011, 11:50
Train services from Bangkok to destinations in the South, including Surat Thani, where many tourists disembark and continue on to Phuket, have resumed at Bangkok’s central Hua Lampong Station.

After a month of Bangkok suffering from one of the worst floods to hit Thailand in the past century, bus services to Phuket and bus and train services to other destinations in southern Thailand have returned to normal.

Rising flood waters forced bus services from the New Southern Bus Terminal on Borom Maratchachonnani Road in Bangkok to relocate to the Holland Beer Restaurant for 21 days.

As of yesterday, however, buses departing Bangkok to Phuket and other destinations in the South returned to Sai Tai Mai.

There are not as many [passengers] here as there used to be, but we are fully operational.

The terminal itself was not flooded, but water surrounded the terminal, which meant that small vehicles could not drive through the area. That is why we can reopen the terminal so quickly. We don’t have to clean up. All we have to do is announce that we are now officially open.