View Full Version : No More Expressway Toll Exemption

Kanok Karn
21st November 2011, 09:23
The Thai Transport Ministry confirms that it will not be extending the toll exemption for all expressways as the flood situation has abated.

The Expressway Authority of Thailand and the Don Muang Tollway started collecting tolls since midnight today as the flood crisis has improved.

Tolls on the expressway and the tollway were exempted from 9-20 November, 2011 so that those who needed to travel to flooded areas could use these roads as alternatives to the flooded ones.

Transport Minister said the government has to compensate operators of the expressways at around 184 million baht for the fare exemptions from 9-20 November, 2011 and the tollway at around 14 million baht for the fare exemption from 12-20 November,2011.

Don Muang Tollway Board Chairman Sombat Panichcheewa said the tollway had been exempting tolls from 27 October, 2011 resulting in a loss of revenue of 5 million baht a day or 125 million baht for the total 25 days.

Highways Department Director General as concession holder for the Don Muang Tollway, said compensation will be paid out based on the average real traffic on the tollway six days prior to the start of the toll exemption.

He estimated the amount at around one million baht per day as traffic on the tollway had decreased by about a third ever since flooding in the area started.