View Full Version : Don Muang Aiport Ready to Use Soon

Kanok Karn
19th November 2011, 09:41
The Transport Ministry has started salvaging Don Muang Airport. Last Transport Minister Sukampol Suwannathat oversaw the laying of a Big Bag flood levee on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in front of the airport.

Workers have been constructing the flood barrier since Monday with support from the military.

The wall to be built from more than 1,000 giant sandbags will prevent more floodwater from entering the airport grounds and is expected to complete.

Once the floodwater has receded to about 70 to 80 centimeters lower than the flood wall, authorities will start draining the water from the airport.

It is estimated that the drainage of between 16 to 18 million cubic meters of water from the airport's 5,000 rai grounds will take 18 days.

Afterwards, it will take another 60 days to repair the airport's facilities, runway and electrical system to ensure that they are up to the international standards.

The airport will reopen once it is certified by the Civil Aviation Department and the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand.

The transport minister said that the eastern part of the airport, an area of about 2,000 rai, will be salvaged first because it is under the air force's control and is necessary for launching flood relief flights.

It could also accommodate commercial flights. He expected that it will cost around three billion baht to salvage the airport.

Currently, the Don Muang Airport accommodates only about 20 commercial flights per day and is operating at a loss.

The government has been urged to utilize the once largest airport in Thailand more than what it has.

The Transport Ministry is trying to finish laying a sandbag barrier at Don Muang Airport in order to start draining floodwater from the runway.

The repairs of the airport are expected to take around 60 days with the estimated cost of three billion baht.