View Full Version : Bangkokians Don't Worry Have Buses Enough For Return

Kanok Karn
31st October 2011, 18:03
The Transport Company has prepared more buses as holiday makers are expected to return to Bangkok today.

Bangkokians spending days-off in other provinces are expected to head back to the capital today now that the special public holiday is over.

Transport Company Managing Director Wuttichart Kalayanamit said bookings of Bangkok-bound tickets were not as many as the number of people leaving Bangkok since many of the people who leave the capital were factory employees of the flooded industrial estates. People in this group mainly choose to stay at their hometown until their companies reopen.

The flooding has made many routes in 10 flood-torn provinces impassable. North-bound routes were also badly hit. The roads leading towards the south are still usable.

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