View Full Version : Having a USA AT&T iPhone 3Gs unlocked in Bangkok

31st October 2011, 13:37
I have an old iPhone 3Gs that I will bring to Bangkok with me. I want to have it unlocked so that I can use it in Thailand.

1) How much will it cost to unlock the phone and get a new SIM card?
2) How much will a mobile plan cost for 1 month? I need to be able to make calls (in Thailand, not overseas), send texts, and check email. Here in the USA, I have to purchase a "data plan" on top of my normal mobile contract if I want to use the internet/ check email, etc.
3) What company should I use?
4) Where are some reputable places to have this done?

Any other info you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Pee Baa Jub Jub
27th December 2011, 15:27
1. Not more than 100 THB
2. 500 THB with get you unlimited internet and many calls.
3. In the city Dtac or True
4. MBK the cell phone floor any shop.