View Full Version : Royal Thai Airforce Moved Out From Don Mueang

Kanok Karn
26th October 2011, 10:58
Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Airforce (RTA),Air Chief Marshal Itthaporn Subhawong issued an order to move all aircrafts out of the RTA Airstrip in Don Mueang district after flood water had covered the RTA's territory.

Air Vice Marshal Monthon Satchukorn, the Air Force Spokesperson, said that RTA had all of the aircrafts and helicopters on the flood relief mission moved out from its airstrip after the northern zone of the Don Mueang Royal Thai Airforce Base had been submerged by flood and the overflow had poured into the airport zone. All aircarfts, which will continue on their flood relief mission, will fly from other bases near Bangkok.

RTA earlier moved aircrafts under reparation or maintenance out of the airstrip, while prompting the remaining to be ready to fly out as flood approached.

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