View Full Version : Chai Nat Roads Drying Up

Kanok Karn
25th October 2011, 18:27
The water levels in Mueang district of Chai Nat have decreased continuously with pick up trucks able to use the highway between Suan Nok and Ban Tha Lap now.

According to the report, the level of water in the Chao Phraya River in Mueang district has decreased by 0.60 meters, prompting the inundation on highway no. 1 in front of the Rice Research Center to decline and allowing daily commute to return to normal.

However, the level of the inundation remains high at 0.70 meters between Suan Nok and the Asia ring roads. Those who need to use the submerged road can travel in a large vehicle prepared and provided by the provincial office and the Artillery Center from Lop Buri province without any charge.

Meanwhile, the current is still strong on the road from Ban Tha Lap to Ban Thammamun due to the leaked flood walls. Pick up trucks should take extra caution using this road

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