View Full Version : Closed 70 MRT Coz Flooding

Kanok Karn
24th October 2011, 19:54
The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) has closed its 40 flood-risk entrances and exits, out of the total of 140. The services, however, remain available as usual.

In preparation for the floodwater which might flow into the MRT stations, Deputy Director of MRTA Mr Ronnachit Yaensaard said that his officials have closed approximately 70 flood-risk entrances and exits from the total of 140 points that might allow water to flow or leak into the MRT tunnels.

Insisting on the need to do this beforehand, he pointed out that if the flood comes or the water rapidly increases at night, protection of the MRT stations might not be thorough. However, MRTA continues to offer its service as usual but it also keeps watch on the flood-prone points, most of which are on main roads such as Ratchadabhisek, Phahonyothin, Sukhumvit and Asoke.

In its precautionary measures, if the water level increases up to 50 cm from the sidewalks in front of each underground station, based on the water level recorded in 2006 flooding crisis, the necessity to close all of the entrances and exits will be immediately put into consideration bythe MRTA.

As for now the MRT service is still available as it is estimated that all 18 MTR might not be flooded. However, the MRTA might have to stop its transporting service if the situation reached the critical point. In that case, the MRTA will announce to the public again.

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