View Full Version : Nok Air Stunned By High Oil Prices

Kanok Karn
2nd October 2011, 19:45
Reports suggest that Nok Airís revenue could be on the rise, up 6 billion baht. However the airline must face high oil prices.

After his meeting with Air Chief Marshal Sukumpol Suwantat, Minister of Transport, Mr. Patti Sarasin, President of Nok Air revealed that the 4 million passenger increase has also resulted in an 85 percent cabin factor increase from last year's rate. According to the president, flight schedules had doubled and is expected to generate revenue of approximately 6 billion baht, a 1.1 billion increase from last year's result. However, this yearís annual profit is expected to slump from last yearís 600 million baht due to the oil price hike.

Sources from the low cost airline suggest that this yearís profit would hold at approximately 200 million baht. However the conjecture will prevail in the existing economic conditions due to Nok Airís great appeal to the masses and unique services.

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