View Full Version : Thai Mobile Number 09 for 3G Services

Kanok Karn
22nd September 2011, 21:14
All operators are aggressively promoting their 3G commercial services, stimulating demand for smartphone services and wireless communication. Most mobile data users now have more than one SIM card, but if a 3G licence auction on the 2100-megahertz frequency takes place, the number of mobile numbers required will increase very quickly in the near future.

Thai mobile numbers with the prefix 09 are being issued to accommodate rising demand for third generation (3G) wireless broadband services.

The move is designed to increase the numbers available by a hundred million, running from 090 to 099, according to the national telecommunications commission.
As of last July, Thailand had 73.1 million mobile subscribers, exceeding the population by about 6 million. Advanced Info Services (AIS) had the most customers with 32.5 million subscribers, followed by DTAC with 22.7 million and True Move with just under 18 million.

Pee Baa Jub Jub
23rd September 2011, 13:25
Great Thailand now we run on 3G inside Thailand when will we have 3G outside Thailand.