View Full Version : Body Scanners News Security Checks at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Kanok Karn
21st September 2011, 20:58
The airports authority in Thailand has invested 100 million baht to improve security screen areas at the country’s leading international airport.

Eight full body scanners will be introduced for maximum security checks at a new security zone to be brought to the mezzanine floor after airline check-in.

This innovation will necessitate travelers to take an escalator up to walk through the scanners and then take another escalator down to the immigration check-in area.

The airports authority said the contract bidding process was in hand and that the new technology should be available for customer use by the end of 2011.

One concern is that airline passengers at Suvarnabhumi are increasing by 6 %a year and the airport is now close to maximum capacity at 45 million yearly.

Short term plans include making better use of existing spaces and the use of some domestic terminals for international flights at night only.

In the longer term, there are plans to build a new terminal at a cost of over nine billion baht which will be able to handle 20 million more passengers.

Thus, by 2015, the airport should be able to handle 65 million passengers annually. The Cabinet has yet to agree on plans for a new terminal.