View Full Version : New High Performance Smartphone Of Thailand

Kanok Karn
5th September 2011, 11:36
The LG Optimus 3D is a showcase of superior speed and power made possible with‘tri-dual’ configuration dual-core, dual-channel and dual-memory.
Unlike other single-channel, single-memory dual-core smartphones, the LG Optimus 3D offers significant performance benefits as a result of the simultaneous and thus faster transfer of data between the dual-core and dual-memory.

The LG Optimus 3D’s dual 5MP lens camera allows users to capture and record their best moments as images and videos in 3D, with 3D video stabilization technology and a real-time misalignment correction algorithm that automatically corrects for shake during recording. Captured 3D content is easily shared via an HDMI 1.4 connection to 3D TVs and monitors and is also compatible with DLNA Certified™ products. What’s more, users can easily upload and stream 3D content and share each other’s creations on YouTube’s dedicated 3D channel.

The LG Optimus 3D’s 4.3-inch WVGA display faithfully recreates the 3D experience without the use of glasses. LG Optimus 3D also offers a 3D depth-control feature that enables users to adjust the depth of 3D when viewing images, videos and games in 3D. Special software allows for real-time conversion of 2D photo and video content into 3D.

LG Electronics (Thailand) unveiled the LG Optimus 3D, a high-performance smartphone, offering the world’s first full 3D experience, without the use of glasses, and LG’s unique tri-dual configuration.