View Full Version : Bus Cheaper in Thailand

Pee Baa Jub Jub
3rd September 2011, 15:36
Private bus operators have agreed to reduce their fares by 2 satang per kilometer, overturning their previous resolution to maintain the rates in defiance of the Government’s request.

After private bus entrepreneurs made a stance not to decrease their fares, President of the Bus Operators Association of Thailand Suchinda Cherdchai announced that another meeting had been held among the operators, during which they agreed to reverse their previous decision by lowering the fares by 2 THB per kilometer.

The change of mind came after the Transport Co, Ltd, which had earlier nodded to the fare cut, called on the operators to cooperate with the Government, citing that their businesses also concerned the public sector. As for when the new fares would be imposed, the Transport Company is scheduled to discuss the matter with the private bus operators on 5 September.

When asked whether the Bus Operators Association had been pressured by the Government into cutting fares, Ms Suchinda, whose son and son-in-law are Pheu Thai MPs, dismissed the speculation. She pointed out that the operators truly wanted to contribute to the Government’s effort to lower people’s living expenses.