View Full Version : New iPhone is coming with Video Calls but not in Thailand

Pee Baa Jub Jub
8th June 2010, 11:04
The new Apple iPhone is probably coming to Thailand soon since it will launch in June in USA. However, with video call using 3G Thailand cannot use that function. Thailand was said to be ready for the 3 Apple iPhone and the mobile companies launched something they called edge and we like to call on the edge of insult to consumers. Most Asian countries are already enjoying 3G and Japan and USA is working on a 4G already.

The new iPone will also have a 5 Megapixel camera and a flash so that movie stars in Thailand and elsewhere can take more undercover sexy videos and photos and then accidentally drop the phone somewhere and get a fast way to stardom. Thai stars should off course say sorry and cry on public TV but after that, they will make millions. In America, they do not have to do anything they will become famous anyway and if lucky get royalty from the sex video.

Thailand have for the 1000 times promised to have a new dead line for 3G in the end of this year but..well let’s just see ok.