View Full Version : Dtac 3G Soon in Thailand

Kanok Karn
18th August 2011, 09:50
The dtac 3G service is part of our ongoing commitment to provide customers with innovative solutions and services that will benefit their daily lives.

It is a service enhancement that is offered at no additional charge to all our existing customers in the Bangkok area who have already subscribed to data service packages.

The 3G HSPA service on 850 MHz will benefit not only the Thai consumers, but also the Thai telecom industry and the country as a whole. Since the 3G HSPA service on 850 MHz is provided under a concession agreement, it will also benefit our partner, CAT Telecom.

Dtac announced the launch of the dtac 3G service on 850 MHz band on August 16, 2011. The new service upgrade enhances user experience on dtac’s Internet network with faster and smoother data transmission. Entailing continuous service improvement and network coverage expansion, the dtac 3G marks a major step for the company in reaching the goal to become the country’s best data network operator. The flagship service also encompasses a strong collaboration among all dtac employees and boasts the company’s biggest campaign of the year.