View Full Version : More Passengers with Bangkok Airways

Kanok Karn
3rd August 2011, 08:56
Bangkok Airways is enjoying higher profits this year along with an increase in the number of passengers, which are a result of the peaceful political situation in the country.

According to President of Bangkok Airways Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, the airline has generated an income of 5.2 billion THB over the first six months of this year and is expected to meet its annual target of 10.6 billion THB, which would be 29 percent higher than last year’s figure of 8.3 billion THB. The number of customers also has a tendency to rise by 17 percent to stand at 3.1 million, as opposed to 2.6 million last year.

Mr Puttipong attributed the growing profits and passenger number to the domestic political situation, which had been stable and violence-free and was favorable to tourism.

In addition, Bangkok Airways is said to be gaining popularity among Thai travelers due to its prompt services coupled with high convenience. The airline has set a target to expand its Thai customer base from 530,000 people last year to 700,000 this year.

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