View Full Version : Bangkok to Chiang Mai High Speed Train, Dream or True?

Kanok Karn
26th July 2011, 11:45
The State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) is promising to start the project by the year end or early next year.

This new route to Chiang Mai will cost around B100 billion and would shorten the time spent in travelling between these two cities to three and a half hours (though we’ll miss playing strip poker in the first class overnight sleeper cars).

The plan, however, promises to be environmentally friendly with the 1-metre wide railway tracks built parallel to the existing one.

The trains will be able to transport 29,000 people per day initially, and the ticket price will be around B1,200 to B1,500.

Pee Baa Jub Jub
26th July 2011, 15:19
First you need to check 1. The union 2. Land owners 3. Thai air 4 Bus Companies none of them will think of Thailand first but their own wallet first.