View Full Version : SMART iPostcard The Latest Service by Thailand Post and GSM

Kanok Karn
15th July 2011, 10:43
“The major mission of GSM advance to which we have invariably put effort is to respond every lifestyle of every customer group under the concept Quality DNAs of AIS that focuses on the development of every service dimension for customers’ highest benefits. To satisfy those who love sending postcards with more convenience, today GSM advance, the Mobile Phone Service Operator driven by the concept “Smart Life,” cooperates with Thailand Post in launching Thailand’s first Smart Service namely “Smart iPostcard.” Thanks to this service, customers can create and design postcards to their styles with a wide array of special functions provided by GSM Advance for photo decorations such as stamping, coloring, patterning, drawing and printing of place image and message. When finished, the postcards can be sent conveniently and quickly via mobile phones on the quality network of AIS reaching the nationwide coverage.”

AIS customers with every scheme can order printing and send Smart iPostcard with maximum 9 postcards / time / photo for domestic service fee of 30 Baht and international service fee of 45 Baht payable together with GSM Advance Statement. Special! for every sending of 8 postcards at any one time, get one free sending.

Thailand Post joins force with GSM advance, introducing the latest service “Smart iPostcard” that enables postcard lovers to create, design and send conveniently and quickly on mobile phones everywhere throughout Thailand. Simply apply by pressing *900*747# and call out or visit wap.mobilelife.co.th/smartpostcard to download Smart iPostcard application on the handset. Service starts from today onwards.